How Can I Help Syrians?


Syrians are experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crisis. This crisis has costed more than 300,000 lives. In addition, the crisis resulted in compromised infrastructure and shortages in food, medical supplies and shelters. Many people want to help in anyway they can. Some would like to help in sponsoring refugees and helping them resettle. Others would like to contribute to projects overseas. One thing that we all can be sure of is that Syrians can make use of all the help they can get.


ActionForSyria, like various organizations, are being contacted regularly by great people like yourself who would like to help. Hence, we have created this simple form for people who want to take direct action to help Syrians. Filling the form will help us greatly in managing volunteers and available resources.


Please fill the following form. Make sure to click the SUBMIT button when you are done:

If the form didn’t load properly, please Click Here to go to it directly.

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