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Newly-arriving refugees can face many challenges in the new area of residence. These challenges can include understanding the system of the country, applying for health care services, working with the established legal system, language training, counseling, etc… Helping refugees integrate in the new community they are arriving into means faster recovery and more sustainable contribution. The Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS) provide a wide range of programs and services to facilitate settlment and integration. One of these programs is the Vulnerable  Immigrant Population Program (VIPP).


VIPP is a program that is mandated

“To serve the most high-needs newcomer children, youth, adults, families and seniors in the Greater Victoria Area, those facing the greatest barriers.”

The priority for this program is given to refugees. Various local agencies have partnered up with VIRCS to achieve its mandate. Please see the following presentation to learn more about the program:


The following are some ways you can help and contribute to the VIPP program:

  • Inform newly arriving refugees about the program and connect them with VIRCS. Many new commers are not aware of the services that are made available to them.
  • Donate financially to support the program and VIRCS. VIRCS is a non-profit organization that welcomes private donations.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact the Program Director, Alvaro Moreno, at

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